Modus Operandi

This ongoing series of shots is an exercise on rigor and formal simplicity, and was born out of the need to explore a simpler, rawer, more austere and more "neutral" approach to my favourite current object of interest in photography - the landscape of my local area, both human-altered and natural. Fresh perspectives can always reveal themselves quite helpful in expanding your point of view on something and your technical ability to present it, and I felt it was a good moment to add this to my work. The choice of getting rid of colours and a lot of post-editing tasks, and using only a black and white palette, is precisely aimed at forcing myself to explore what's left, so to speak - objects, light, space. In a purer, more straightforward way. While my other series include a strong personal element, ranging from strong moods to irony and playfulness, the point of this ongoing body of work is to step back a little to that extent and focus on subjects, composition and their interaction with light and negative space, with a cleaner and more unobtrusive shooting and editing approach. And since, on the other hand, no point of view can ever be completely impartial, and I am not interested in doing a mere documentary work for the sake of it, this series may also come out as an exploration of the thin border between subjectivity and objectivity in (my) landscape photography.

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