The Gravel Pit

This series of images has been shot in a single session at a gravel pit not distant from my hometown - the most "photogenic" one, so to speak, since you can climb up on a small hill on the side and truly "dominate" it from above. The suburban element which is at the core of my main current photographic research is strongly present here as well, since sand and gravel pits are commonly found precisely in that "grey area" between the suburbs and the countryside. And they're incredibly similar anywhere in the world. The main goal of this series was actually more emotional than theoretical or artistic, though: for some reasons, I have always been deeply fascinated by gravel pits, since I was a child. I recall driving to the sea with my parents and sometimes seeing these gigantic, mysterious silos and structures along the highway, surrounded by piles of dunes and gravel. They looked like movie sets to me. And growing up, I never stopped being attracted to them. The atmosphere they convey for me is absolutely unique and magnetic, halfway sci-fi and steampunk, with something sinisterly primordial connected to the activity itself of digging and mining underground. To enhance the almost unsettling stillness of this atmosphere, so rich in details and tones and yet so "monolithic" and archaic, I decided to adopt a sort of "pictorial" approach, both in terms of points of view and post-editing style.

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